(Absolute) Beginners

New to Blues dancing?

So you never danced Blues before, or it has been a while? Or maybe you started recently and want to build a solid foundation. We would love to help you out! At The Blues Joint you have different ways to start this wonderful adventure.

Weekly Classes

We have a weekly beginners class (Fundamentals I & II). You can sign up for a block of eight classes, which will allow to build a solid foundation. After class we have our weekly social dance ‘The Blues Juice‘, so you can try out you new skills on the dance floor immediately.

Find more about weekly classes here.

Monthly workshops

Every month we have party with great live music ‘Saturday Night LIVE!’ Just before the party there is a two hours beginners workshops on Blues dancing. During the workshop you will learn enough to dance all night and enjoy the live band.

We start with a 30 minutes introduction of the basic steps and the lead/follow dynamic. This part is mainly for new people, but even if you have taken some classes, it is always good to practice your basics over and over again. It’s the most important skill you will ever learn! We switch partners and sometimes roles, so you can become an all-round social dancer.

Following that, we spend about an hour with a different theme every month. We close off the class with a half hour social dancing on beginner friendly Blues and Jazz music. This means songs with a clear beat and suitable speed, so that you can practice what you just have learned. Slowly the other party dancers will arrive and join you on the dance floor so you can try some moves with little bit more experienced dancers. You will notice that in our scene they are very willing to dance with you, like your teachers!

When the party officially starts, you will know enough steps and moves to dance all night. So don’t leave before the band has stopped, they are playing for you too!

Dates & Themes

Saturday, March 30 – Jookin’ & Struttin’
Saturday, April 27 – Kings day
Saturday, May 25 – Lazy Feet
Saturday, June 23 – Fusion
Saturday, July 20 – Cabaret

Time: 20:00 – 22:00 (and then the party starts)

Prices & Subscription

Absolute beginners workshop only € 20
Party entrance always included in the workshop fees.

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