For who?

You have never danced Blues before, or it has been a while. You don’t have time for weekly classes, and you are aware that social dancing is very important to become a good dancer. This is your chance: a monthly beginners Blues dance course just before our regular social dance party with live music!

The workshops

We start the workshop with 30 minutes of the basic steps. Mainly for new people, but also if you already did some classes, its good to practice your basics. It’s the most important skill you will ever learn! We switch partners and roles, so you become an all-round social dancer.

Then we spend about an hour with a different theme every month. We end the class with a half hour social dancing on beginner friendly Blues and Jazz music. This means songs with a clear beat and suitable speed, so that you can practice what you just have learned. Slowly the other party dancers will arrive and join you on the dance floor so you can try some moves with a little more experienced dancers. You will notice that in our scene they are very willing to dance with you, like your teachers!

When the party officially starts and you know enough steps and moves to dance all night. And don’t leave before the band has stopped, they are playing for you too!


The classes will be taught by Lotte Dijkstra and Richard van Os.

Dates & Times

The course will take four Saturday evenings, always followed by a party with live music. So even for people from out of town it will be a rewarding evening to spent in our beautiful capital! De dates for fall 2018 are:

  • Saturday, September 15
  • Saturday, October 13
  • Saturday, November 10
  • Saturday, December 22
  • Spare-date: Saturday, January 5 (in case a workshop needs to be rescheduled)

Times: workshop 20-22h, party 22-02h

Prices & Subscription

Price for the whole course € 80 including parties
Price single workshop € 25 including party

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