Monthly workshops

Next to our weekly classes and our social dance on Wednesdays, every four weeks we organize a big party with live music and additional theme workshops during that day. You can subscribe for each workshop individually. Workshops will have a maximum of 20 dancers. So sign up to save your spot!

Saturday, May 25 – Lazy Feet 😉

  • 13-15h Solo Blues, teacher Jessica

How do you even dare to dance with a partner, if you can’t do it alone? (Peter Ström, Lindy Hop legend).
This workshop we start with a solo Blues routine to broaden your solo vocabulary and skills. In the second hour we take parts of the routine to play around with rhythm and musicality.  It will increase your skills as a solo dancer and as a partner dancer. The class is for all levels, beginners and intermediate. Let’s get things grooving!

  • 16-18h Close embrace & Micro Blues, teachers Frank & Moniek

Completely in the line of today’s “Lazy Blues”, this workshop will be the most relaxed one you’ve ever joined. Dancing in close embrace is for many the most intimate and valuable part of Blues dancing as you  connect deeply  with your partner and the music.  Frank and Moniek will give you the right direction for a save and comfortable close embrace connection.

The second hour, we’ll dive even deeper with the music and our partner. Tapping into the fundamentals of “Micro Blues”,  we explore minimal movements, breathing techniques and intimate partnership. You’ll be amazed how much creativity and improvisation can happen within a few centimetres! This class is also very suitable for Blues dancers who like Fusion.

  • 20-22h (Absolute) beginners, theme: Close  & Slow, teachers Frank & Monique

See description below

  • 22-02h Saturday Night LIVE! – Lazy Feet (entrance included in the workshop fees)

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Saturday, June 22 – Fusion

  • 13-15h Fusion & Blues part I,  teachers & details t.b.a.
  • 16-18h Fusion & Blues part II, teachers & details t.b.a.
  • 20-22h (Absolute) beginners, teachers Frank & Jessica (see also description below)
  • 22-02h Saturday Night LIVE! – Fusion edition (entrance included in the workshop fees)

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Saturday, July 20 – Cabaret

  • 13-15h Cabaret part I,  teacher & details t.b.a.
  • 16-18h Cabaret part II, teachers & details t.b.a.
  • 20-22h (Absolute) beginners, teachers t.b.a. (see description below)
  • 22-02h Saturday Night LIVE! – End of Season (entrance included in the workshop fees)

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Absolute beginners

Before the monthly Saturday night party you can start your Blues dancing career at our (Absolute) Beginners workshops.

We start with a 30 minutes introduction of the basic steps and the lead/follow dynamic. This part is mainly for new people, but even if you have taken some classes, it is always good to practice your basics over and over again. It’s the most important skill you will ever learn! We switch partners and roles, so you can become an allround social dancer.

Following that, we spend about an hour with a different theme every month. We close off the class with a half hour social dancing on beginner friendly Blues and Jazz music. This means songs with a clear beat and suitable speed, so that you can practice what you just have learned. Slowly the other party dancers will arrive and join you on the dance floor so you can try some moves with little more experienced dancers. You will notice that in our scene they are very willing to dance with you, like your teachers!

When the party officially starts, you will know enough steps and moves to dance all night. So don’t leave before the band has stopped, they are playing for you too!

Prices & Subscription

Single afternoon workshop € 25 (both workshops € 40)
Absolute beginners workshop € 20

Party entrance always included in the workshop fees.

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