Weekly classes

Have you recently started Blues dancing and fallen in love with it? Or are you curious about this dance and want to give it a try? Or maybe you already know what a wonderful dance this is and you want to dig deeper? Come and join our weekly classes at The Blues Joint.

We have a great team of teachers ready to inspire you: Lotte and Robin will be teaching most sessions, supported by Frank, Jessica, Janna, and Richard to show you the variety of styles dancers can develop (see here). Our current block schedule is as follows.

  • Block 1 (February 13 – April 4): Mo’Better Blues (19:15h), Fundamentals I (20:30h)
  • Block 2 (April 11 – May 29): Mo’Better Blues (19:15h), Fundamentals II (20:30h)
  • Block 3 (September – October  ): Mo’Better Blues (19:15h), Fundamentals I (20:30h)
  • Block 4 (November – December): Mo’Better Blues (19:15h), Fundamentals II 20:30h)

After the classes there will be a chance to practice your new moves and techniques during weekly social dance The Blues Juice (at 21:30h), free for all.

Fundamentals of Blues I & II

In the first course (Fundamentals I) you will learn the very basic steps and skills. But more importantly, you will also learn how to feel truly connected with your partner, and how to let the music inspire you to move. From day one, you will have fun on the social dance floor, and after eight weeks, you’ll be groovin!

In the second course, building on the first, we will develop some depth by exploring some essential dance techniques (stretch and compression), and widening your vocabulary of basic and intermediate moves. We will also expand your repertoire of different styles of blues dancing, and work with musicality and rhythm.

For these two courses, you do not need a partner, everybody will get to learn how to lead and follow, so you can dance with anybody. After taking both courses, you will have learned the basics, and be ready to join our second level, “Mo’ Better Blues” where you can start to focus on your preferred role.

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Mo’ Better Blues

You have some experience with Blues dancing and you can’t wait to take the next step? Well, the time has come! In this “intermediate” level class, you’ll learn more advanced moves and techniques, and get a chance to dive deeper into the music and the dance.

The entry-level for this class is having taken Fundamentals I & II (or equivalent experience). Each block of Mo’Better Blues is focused on one or more specific topics. After briefly reviewing the theme’s fundamentals, we will quickly introduce greater challenges — while making sure that everybody is along for the ride.

In Block 2 of 2019, we are working with “Moves, Rhythm & Flow”. In the first weeks, we will go over some idiomatic blues moves, and spice them up by adding variations and rhythms. In the second half of the block (taught by Janna and Robin), we focus on maintaining flow throughout your dance. Next to working on the technique needed to lead and follow with fluidity, we’ll teach you an elegant flowy move or two.

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