Do you love dancing blues, do you want to explore in more depth the historical origins and the cultural evolution of blues dancing and music?

Would you like to spend a weekend of discovery with a community of equally curious people?

Come and join us in Amsterdam for The Blues College, where we shall gather a small crowd of blues enthusiasts who are ready to learn and experience more about blues.

Our teachers and organizers are working to create a weekend that:

  • will get you thinking about how blues as a dance style, musical genre, and cultural phenomenon is defined
  • explores the relation between music, dance and history by bringing together experts, musicians and dance teachers, and
  • empowers you to express yourself through your dancing by understanding how others did that before you.

The weekend will feature:

  • 1,5 hour solo Afro dance class
  • 1,5 hour partner Blues dance class
  • 1,5 hour history lesson on Blues culture and its social context
  • 1,5 hour musicality and solo dance class
  • Three parties with live music
  • Movie Night
  • Whisky tasting (check out our cool whisky experts here.)
  • Saturday Soul Food Dinner


  • February 1-3, 2019, Amsterdam
  • Full pass € 130,- (excl. Whisky Tasting and Dinner)
  • Dinner Saturday € 19,50
  • Whisky Tasting € 15,-

Registration is open! Click here to go straight to the registration form.