Fundamentals of Blues

Have you just recently started Blues dancing and fallen in love with it? Or are you curious about this dance and want to give it a try? Come and join our weekly classes at the The Blues Joint.

Starting on February 13th, we will teach you the fundamentals of this wonderful dance. You will learn how to feel truly connected with your partner, how to let the music inspire you to move, and most importantly, how to let loose, have fun, and enjoy yourself.

For this class you do not need a partner, everybody will get to learn how to lead and follow, so you can dance with anybody. After each class, we will continue with a “social dance” where you can get to know the other dancers, or just hang out for a drink.

We have a great team of teachers ready to inspire you: Lotte and Robin will be teaching most sessions, supported by Frank, Richard, and Jessica to show you the variety of styles dancers can develop.

The course will continue with at least 10 participants, the maximum spots is 20. So sign up to save your spot and make it happen!


  • One block takes 8 weeks of one-hour classes
  • Date & Time from February 13 till April 3, 20.30 – 21.30
  • Price: € 60 per block

Click here to sign up!