Private Classes

Do you want to get intensive feedback and really boost your dance training? A private class is the ideal setting for working on a specific topic or getting some general advice on technique from your teacher.

All dancers can benefit from private classes. Beginners often use them to review material and polish their fundamentals. Others work on perfecting a their technique, mastering a complicated move, or on improving their style.

In a private class you get to decide! You may have a specific question in mind, a general feeling of what to work on, or just want general feedback. In either case we will work with you to create a class you get the most out of.

Privates can be taken alone, or in groups. And you also get to decide whether you want one or two teachers. For example, you can team up with friends and point us to a video of something you’d like to learn.

You can ask one of our teachers, or send us a general request.