Weekly classes

Have you recently started Blues dancing and fallen in love with it? Or are you curious about this dance and want to give it a try? Maybe you already know what a wonderful dance this is and you want to dig deeper? Come and join our weekly classes at The Blues Joint.

But first …

General Pandemic / COVID-19 info

Dancing is considered a safe activity by the Dutch authorities if a range of guidelines are being upheld. This means that we can’t run classes with our usual system of partner rotation, and we will do the following

  • You will have to sign up with a partner or be matched with someone
  • You will dance for with this person for the entire three weeks
  • There are a limited number of spots available. 

Our teachers and classes

We have a great team of teachers ready to inspire you: Lotte and Robin will be teaching most sessions, supported by Frank, Jessica, Janna, and Richard to show you the variety of styles dancers can develop (see here). Our current block schedule is as follows.

  • Block 1 – 12, 19 and 26 October 2020, teachers Lotte & Frank
  • Block 2 – 2, 9 and 16 November 2020, teachers Lotte & Robin
  • Block 3 – 30 November, 7 and 14 December 2020, teachers t.b.a.

One course of 3 sessions costs € 30, but we offer discounts for those who need it (write us why in the comment for registration).

Fundamentals of Blues

(Monday, 19:30-20:30)

In our fundamentals series, you will learn all you need as a solid foundation for your blues dancing. Each of these courses can be taken separately, and if you are new, this is the right place to start. 

Fundamentals: Jookin’ I + II (Oct/Nov 2020)

Jookin’ is all about having the groove in your body and connecting with your partner. With an origin in small, often crowded “Juke Joints” in the Southern US, Jookin is for everybody who wants to let loose after a hard day, and have fun dancing.

Fundamentals: Ballrooming I + II (Dec 2020 and Jan 2021)

Ballrooming is flashy, beautiful, and elegant. Danced to jazzy blues music, partners flow across the floor together and show off their elegance. You’ll learn to be comfortable connecting in a dancers’ embrace and how to use that connection to travel lightly and do fancy turns, dips, and tricks 

Fundamentals: Vocabulary (spring/summer 2021)

Next to teaching the basics of the partnered connections in blues, in this class we teach a range of solo and partnered moves and how you can adjust them to the feel of the music, be it groovy, funky, sensual, dramatic, or flashy.

Mo’ Better Blues: Flowing hips (2×3 weeks)

(Monday, 20:45 – 21:45)

Blues is about them hips… and you better get yours flowing! For most of us, the pandemic has meant less dancing than usual and we want to use this first block to loosen up our bodies. You’ll learn to free your hips and let them flow, making your movements smooth as butter and taking the connection to your partner to the next level.