Weekly classes

Have you recently started Blues dancing and fallen in love with it? Or are you curious about this dance and want to give it a try? Maybe you already know what a wonderful dance this is and you want to dig deeper? Come and join our weekly classes at The Blues Joint.

Important note: Due to COVID-19 regulations we have limited spaces for classes. A QR code of vaccination at the start of the block or negative COVID test at the start of each lesson of the block if not vaccinated will also be required.

During classes you can choose whether or not you would like to rotate partners.


The Blues Joint comes back this block with the course designed for aspiring dancers with no prior experience. It will be a gentle approach to the dance, providing the tools to be comfortable on a dance floor, to connect with your partner and to feel the music in our body. After this course, you’ll be a Blues dancer!

Teachers: Lotte & Giovanni
When: 6 weeks on Tuesdays from 19:30 till 20:30, starting on 9 November 2021.
Where: Studio Borgerstraat, Borgerstraat 112, 1053 PX Amsterdam
Price: € 54

Improvers (postponed to Januari 2022)

You are not a beginner anymore, and you want to move on. This serie of classes is the next logical step. Topics will be fundamental technical stuff like frame & flow, lead and follow skills like stretch, compression & release and, my favorite, we will make your Blues swing! We will also spend some time on music recognition and history, as we think it is very important in our scene. And of course some fun stuff, vocabulary and last but not least rhythms and musicality. It will be covering levels beginner plus until intermediate. 

Teachers: T.b.a.
When: 6 weeks on Tuesdays from 21:00 till 22:00, starting on 11 Januari 2022.
Where: Studio Borgerstraat, Borgerstraat 112, 1053 PX Amsterdam
Price: € 54