Amsterdam Blues Exchange ’23


What unites musicians and dancers? The music of course!
Amsterdam Blues Exchange takes the exchange part quite literal.

We offer you a weekend full of moments to get to know your fellow dancers, over diner, during the activities, or at the parties. We want to create a space where dancers and musicians can exchange their skills. We invite dancing musicians, music making dancers, dancers who want a better understanding of music and musicians who would secretly love to move their bodies …

Would you like to share your love for Blues music with fellow dancers and musicians?
Are you ready to move the music or play the dancing? Join us in June for a weekend full of joy and playfulness.

How does it work?

The ABE recipe has a lot of good and tasty stuff in store for you. And because not every person has the same taste we offer different experiences for everyone.

STEP 1: The Base

This is the exchange pass, the same for everyone and it includes:

  • 3 late night parties
  • 3 tasters as party starters
  • Lots of live music

Price €90

This is already a great start, but in case you want to taste more you can add extra ingredients and topics, see below. Check the schedule all the way in the end to find what combinations are possible.

STEP 2: The ingredients

Pick what you like on top of the base! There’s limited availability in all the workshops. First come first take.

Band coaching track

In this track we want to bring together musicians from different scenes. In 3 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday you’ll get to know each other and prepare a set to perform on Sunday evening. All of this under the guidance of our local Blues hero: Anne-Maarten, who will also perform with The Red Hot Percolators on Friday.
If you are a musician with intermediate/advanced level then we would love to have you. If you register for this track we’ll get into contact with you to gather more info so we can form a nice group. Please understand we need to make a selection among the subscribers to get a good spread of instruments. So all sign ups will be on a waiting list and the organizers will get in touch about the options.
(Note: this track cannot be combined with the boat tour)

Price €75

Harmonica workshop

Our exchange is about connecting dancers to music and vice versa. What better way to turn us dancers into musicians? In this 1,5 hour workshop on Saturday you will learn to play your first tunes on the harmonica or Blues harp. Suitable for everyone, no musical experience required. With dedication, experience and a slice of humor, Benjamin will guide you to the basics of this wonderful instrument, that played such a big role in Blues history and still does. The instrument itself and online study material and songs is included in the price and you can keep practicing when you get home. Who knows what kind of musician is hiding inside you?
(Note: this workshop cannot be combined with the DJ workshop)

Price €30 (including harmonica and online materials)

DJ workshop

Are you or do you want to be a DJ in your local scene and wanna learn more about how to make the floor go wild? Then this workshop on Saturday is for you!
Hamed (Vienna) has been a DJ on international festivals for many years. He highly values good quality music and is ready to share with you his tricks on making the room move. You have an option to play a set during the parties.
(Note: this workshop cannot be combined with the Harmonica workshop)

Price €25

Blues music workshop

Wanna knwo more about Blues music? On Sunday afternoon Hamed will take you through a journey alongside different styles and where they originated. Detail t.b.a.
(Note: this workshop cannot be combined with the Soft shoe tap workshop)

Price €25

Soft shoe tap workshop

On Sunday tap dance specialist Doortje will lead you into tap dancing, no tap shoes required. Details t.b.a.
(Note: this workshop cannot be combined with the Blues music workshop)

Price €25 euro

STEP 3: The toppings

Make your experience in Amsterdam extra special with these juicy toppings …

Picnic in the park

Saturday afternoon, for free. Bring your own food & drinks.
(Note: the picnic cannot be combined with the Band coaching track)

Boat tour

No international Blues festival in Amsterdam without sailing the canals. Join us on a 3 hour boat tour and see Amsterdam from a different angle. We have live music and space to dance. Bring your own booze!
(Note: the boat tour cannot be combined with the Band coaching track)

Price €35


The last supper we can join together. On Sunday you can dine with us before the final party. Detail t.b.a.

Price €25

Additional info


Unless mentioned different, all parties & workshops will be held in:
Nieuwezijds Kolk 25, 1012 PV Amsterdam


The parties & workshops venue is right in the centre of Amsterdam and surrounded by nice restaurants, coffee places and lunch spots. Closer to the festival we’ll share some of our personal favorites. There’s also a supermarket close by where you can buy your own lunch.
On Saturday we organize a podluck picnic in the park and on Sunday a diner in the venue because we believe it’s a nice way to get to know each other over food and drinks.


A festival doesn’t happen just by itself, so we can use some help. If you want to volunteer, send us an email. Any help is very much appreciated!


Yay! you’re coming to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. It’s super easy to get here by train (which we highly recommend if it’s an option for you). Amsterdam central station is walking distance from the venue.
If you need to fly you can go to Schiphol airport and from there take the train to Amsterdam Central.
Depending on where you stay, a bike might come in handy. It’s also a great way to explore the city. We’ll share some info soon on where you can rent a bike.

Hosting & hostels

We’re well aware of the fact that Amsterdam is quite expensive to stay, that’s why we are currently working on mediating for hosting. More info will follow.

In the meantime, here are some options for hostels that are really close to the venue:

  • Flying Pig Downtown (2 min walk from the main venue): Flying Pig Downtown, Nieuwendijk 100, 1012 MR Amsterdam
  • Xplore hostel (2 min walk from the main venue): Xplore Hostel Amsterdam, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 92, 1012 SG Amsterdam