Rescheduling Trippin’ Blues Amsterdam 2020 to 2021

Dear attendees of Trippin’ Blues Amsterdam 2020,

What our hearts were not accepting till now, our heads already knew: there will beĀ NO Trippin’ Blues Amsterdam 2020 in June this year. šŸ™

Past week our government banned all events in The NetherlandsĀ untilĀ September which means the last hope has flown way.

But let’s not lingerĀ too longĀ on this sad news. Let’s look ahead! Because Trippin’ Blues Amsterdam 2020 will not be cancelled but rescheduled to next year, on:

June 17-20 in 2021 !!

Yes, that will take a long time, but as the Dutch say: ‘Wat in het vat zit verzuurt niet‘ (meaning:Ā something that is good and well preserved will not lose its value).Ā 

So what’s next?

Given many teachers and musicians we had booked for Trippin’ Blues are currently without work we would love to show them our appreciation and support. We will ask you to show solidarity with a part of your fee. As such, after covering our running expenses, any remaining donations will be distributed among them.

We have two questions for you:Ā