Join the Joint !!

After taking responsibility and keeping silent for the past covid years, The Blues Joint is back on track! And how!

We waited patiently and postponed our Trippin’ Blues a few years, but finally we had an amazing festival last June. Now we are ready to go full speed into the next season. And to do this, we need you !!


The Blues Joint was, is and will always be a non-profit organization. We want to expand our activities and fulfill our holy mission to make Blues dancing available and accessible for everyone and everywhere.

Therefore we invite all who share passion for Blues dancing and want to be part of our community to make this dream happen. So …

We invite you to become a member of The Blues Joint !


As a member you get …

  • a weekly opportunity to dance Blues in your steady hangout in all the cities we are active in – Amersfoort (Mondays) and Amsterdam (Tuesdays). This can be a practice evening or social with a DJ or a teach-each-other session. Drop in beginner classes are also included as we want to make it easy for new people to enter the scene.
  • discounts up to 50% on almost all our weekly courses, workshops, parties, concerts and festivals. Yes, also on the big ones like The Blues College and Trippin’ Blues Amsterdam !
  • a chance to pre-subscribe for classes, events and festivals, so you are more certain to have a spot.
  • to join the ‘member-only’ events.
  • to receive The Blues Joint newsletter.
  • … and, last but not least, an invitation to participate, to join in discussions and decide with us in what direction our organization should go, what events to organize and what subjects to teach and how.


Normal membership will cost €20 per month, and can be ended any time. If you commit for a whole year, you get two months for free. Those who are short-of-cash for whatever no-need-to-prove reasons, will get membership for half price.
If you have some extra to spare, you can become a sponsor and pay more. You will help others to join in and your generosity will be mentioned on our website (if you don’t mind of course). We will start charging the month after you signed up, so the first weeks are completely free.

Normal€ 20€ 200
Short-of-cash€ 10€ 100
Sponsor€ 30 or more€ 300 or more


We are currently active in Amsterdam (Tuesdays), Amersfoort (Mondays) and Rotterdam.
We want to spread the word and expand to other cities. If you live somewhere else, get in touch. With our help you could be the one creating a new scene in your hometown !!

So join the joint, and become a member, because The Blues Joint … that’s YOU!


Yes! I want to be a member of The Blues Joint…