Trippin’ Blues 2018: Parties & Bands

Thursday, June 21

The unofficial pre-party for Trippin’ Blues in our home venue Frankie’s. Frankie’s is a small dance studio / party venue dedicated to Swing and Blues. We will have live music.

The place is small so only 40 people (& band) can be allowed in. Buy your ticket on time if you want to join this. Tickets sold separately only to festival participants during registration. If spots still available, they will be sold the week prior to the event to others.

Hills & Hamid (NL)

The band for tonight is Hills & Hamid. A unique combination of two musicians that share a love of Blues and micro tonality. Iranian singer, Blues guitar player and Blues harp player Hamid and Hills singing the Blues and playing the double bass or acoustic guitar. The two musicians combine acoustic Blues and Arabic songs in vocals and music. For Trippin’ Blues they will play a special for us dancers designed repertoire.

Venue: Frankie’s, Tussen de Bogen 67, Amsterdam
DJ’s: Danny, Lotte, Ally, Richard, more t.b.a.
Time: 22:00 – 02:00

Friday, June 22


On Friday we officially start the festival. After a day of site seeing we will party with live music. We have two bands for you this night.

BluesShack (NL)

BluesShack is a changing collective of musicians with a big heart for “Slow Blues” music. Semi-acoustic, pleasant volume; for cafes, Blues dance events and more. They are one of the house bands of The Blues Joint, as they are playing regularly on our social dance parties.

All experienced Blues musicians. The repertoire consists of work by the great old Blues heroes like Sonny Boy Williamson, T-Bone Walker, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Lowell Fulson and Willie Dixon.


The Sky Is Crying (SE)

Whole Blues dancing Sweden already knows: The Sky is Crying is dedicated for Blues dancers only. Now the rest of Europe will find out. At Trippin’ Blues The Sky will have their first international performance outside Sweden. We are proud they are here.

They will also play on Saturday, you can read their bio there.


Venue: Akhnaton, Nieuwezijds Kolk 25, Amsterdam
DJ’s: Danny, Adamo, Nick, more t.b.a. soon
Price: Party ticket is included in all passes. Party only ticket € 15,-
Time: 22:00 – 03:00

Saturday, June 23

On the main party of the weekend your Blues heart will be filled with great music and dancing. We offer two bands playing their second concert of the festival:

The Sky is Crying (SE)

The three members of The Sky is Crying, from Gothenburg, Sweden, met at Jazz school back in 2010, and have since played in several different Jazz and Swing constellations together. But it was not until vocalist Kristin Ladström fell in love with Blues dancing in 2013 that she realized she needed to start a Blues band. The Sky Is Cryin  g is a band made to play for Blues dancers, as audiences around Sweden will testify to. They will deliver their unique brand of strong, soulful and stirring Blues and ballads with a jazzy touch, and create the perfect atmosphere for your late night Blues cravings. The band consists of Kristin Ladström, vocals, Gustav Davidsson, trombone & piano, and Anna Hamnebo, bass.

Hills & Hamid (NL)

After the pre-party everybody can enjoy the raw sound of Hill & Hamid on the Saturday night. Read there bio on Thursday.

Venue: Sexyland, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 39, Amsterdam
DJ’s: Danny, more t.b.a. soon
Price: Party ticket is included in all passes. Party only ticket € 20,-
Time: 22:00 – 03:00

Sunday, June 24

The final party that will make you stay in Amsterdam till Monday. We have one more band to present:

Ramshackle Blues band (NL)

The Ramshackle Bluesband has its home base in the heart of the Dutch Waterline. Music flows in many directions, from Cuby’s Grolloo to Muddy’s Chicago. The band from the city of Utrecht with Swedish and British input has a strong repertoire that is brought across the stage in a soulful way. Varied Blues music with dynamism, sharpness and calm, from deep tragic to violently loud.

DJ’s: t.b.a. soon
Venue: Jungle Amsterdam, Tweede van Swindenstraat 26, Amsterdam
Party ticket is included in several passes. Party only ticket € 15,-
Time 22:00 – 01:00